About Us

motogo is changing the moving industry. The Nationwide Network of Independent Movers® is the first network of it’s kind. We have over 34 years of moving experience, completing over 30,000 moves a year…that’s over 82 moves a day!

We’re making our expertise available to you. We have mastered how to identify a quality professional 3-man moving crew, make the booking process effortless, coordinate and communicate about the move and ensure your satisfaction. We do the work for you and verify the license, credentials and backgrounds of the movers. If they qualify, we get their schedules and make them available to book through motogo.

What if we could change the moving industry?

We have seen a trend of movers using unsavory tactics to get business. As an industry leader we tried to get review sites to notice and stop allowing unlicensed movers to operate on the review system. These review sites were unreceptive and did not change to protect the consumer and promote the honest movers. So we decided to do something to improve the industry. That’s why motogo is here with The Nationwide Network of Independent Movers® to provide a place for honest movers to be found by customers who don’t want to be taken advantage of.

Honest, verified reviews

We don’t keep movers you don’t like.

We always post your review for others to read. Everyone can have a bad day, but repeated bad days are a signal of a problem. If we see a problem, we fix it.

3 men moving crews are better than 2

We use our 34 years of moving experience and The Nationwide Network of Independent Movers® to identify reliable movers with 3 men crews in your area who will give you outstanding service. They will get you from your old home to your new one, quickly.

A seasoned, three man moving crew works together like dance partners. They have the choreography down and know the next move. Two of the men move the stuff out of your home and bring it to the truck. The third crew member stays with the truck and your belongings for safety. He will also pack and stack in the truck while the other two keep moving you out. It’s a proven system to ensure the security of your belongings and make the move efficient.

Book your move online

  1. fill out the form
  2. pick your move date
  3. [review the mover’s profiles with their verified reviews, on time scores and claims rate]
  4. pick your mover from The Nationwide Network of Independent Movers® and lock in your price (no extra or hidden fees ever)
  5. on move day, relax and let your moving crew do the heavy lifting, literally
  6. leave an honest review, good or bad, about your mover