Join the revolution. Join the motogo nation.

Motogo is a first-of-its-kind, full-service platform for movers, made by movers. It’s our vision to revolutionize the moving industry through technology and innovative thinking.

We care about lifting the reputation of professional movers and protecting consumers from the hacks and amateurs out there that call themselves movers and give us a bad name.

Find out more: email- [email protected] or book a time to call.

What does it take to qualify with motogo?

We don’t accept any guy off the street just because he has a truck and can fill out an application. We are movers so we know what a good mover is made of.

  1. You must be an awesome, PROFESSIONAL mover. The other stuff is just logistics.
  2. You must own a 24-foot or longer moving truck that is registered with DOT and the state.
  3. You must show proof that you are a licensed mover in your state.
  4. You must have a reliable, 3-man crew.
  5. You must clear a criminal background check.
  6. You must provide proof of valid insurance.
  7. You must show proof of commercial insurance.

What’s the catch?

The catch is…we only take great movers who want to deliver amazing customer service. We ask for a review from every customer and we publish these reviews, unedited. These reviews are what will determine if you motogo or gotta go.

What does it take to stay qualified with motogo?

  • It’s simple. Keep the customer happy because they’re the ones giving you the reviews.
  • Be accountable and awesome and the rest is easy.
  • Show up on time consistently (customers will be able to see your on time score).
  • Execute great moves and receive positive reviews (we will always send a request for a review and we do not filter any reviews and make all available for customers to see). This builds in accountability for a great move every time.
  • Keep your availability up-to-date.
  • Keep your license and insurance up-to-date and available for validation.

What does “full-service” platform mean?

Motogo provides independent moving companies with technology and back office support, freeing you up to focus on each move.

  • Expert level digital marketing that places your best crews in front of more customers looking for quality movers
  • Online booking that can book a customer 24/7 365 days a year,
  • Online customer management tools
  • Technology that delivers real-time data to customers and movers
  • 24-hour customer support (so you can focus on landing more jobs and providing a great service and Let the motogo
    team handle customer issues for you)
  • Professional digital customer contracts on your mobile devices
  • Direct follow up with customers for review and testimonials….. and much more…