motogo is here!

Mar 06, 2021
motogo is here!

Hey there! We’re motogo. Now you might be wondering “who is motogo?” and “what is motogo all about?” Well I’m glad you asked. Motogo is like nothing you’ve seen before. We’re here to revolutionize the art of moving and bring this very analog process into the digital space. 

By show of hands who here thinks moving is fun? Anyone? Didn’t think so. Moving is stressful. Here you are, already out of your comfort zone because you’re packing up everything you own, but now a few people have shown up at your door and are going to put your possessions on a truck. How do you know who these people are? How do you know your stuff will be safe?

That’s where motogo comes in. We are the best place to find a local mover because motogo offers a network of licensed professional movers right at your fingertips.

Why should you trust motogo instead of hiring any old local movers on the internet?

  1. Safety
    • motogo movers are 100% verified, licensed and insured movers – guaranteed. How many other online resources offer a $2000 guarantee? 
    • Even though it’s the law, not all movers and moving companies are licensed. This means that just anyone could show up at your door and you have no way to know if they are trustworthy.
    • We do the research and background checks to find a licensed and insured local mover. This saves you time and money and also gives you the peace of mind that your mover won’t be a guy off the street with a truck and a criminal record. We believe it so strongly that we will put a $2000 guarantee that our movers are all legit.
  2. Reliability

    • motogo is a premium local moving service with guaranteed customer service. No call or email goes unanswered.  
    • With other movers, if something goes wrong there is no one else to talk to except the mover. Or worse, it could be an app with no option to connect with customer service leaving you frustrated by technology that was supposed to make things easier.
    • With motogo you can get a real person all day, any day, 7 days a week. Our team of moving experts will match you with an independent, local mover while still providing you the support of a fully staffed office.  
  3. Transparency  

    • No secrets here! We provide complete, honest transparency. And we can prove it through our promise to not keep drivers you don’t like. Any mover that does not meet user demand will be eliminated from our services.
    • Other moving companies delete negative reviews or don’t allow for customer feedback.
    • motogo commits to displaying real reviews and statistics on our movers, including on-time score, number of moves, years of experience and more. We only allow actual customers to leave a review and we never edit or delete reviews. This gives you all of the information you need to make a decision on the best mover.  


These are all great reasons to book your next move with motogo, but we haven’t even shared the best part: you can book your entire move online! You can order groceries, chat with a nurse, and even buy a car – all online. Moving should be no different. 

It’s so simple:

  • Fill out the form 
  • Pick your move date
  • Pick an independent mover and lock in your price (no extra or hidden fees ever)
  • On move day, relax and let your moving crew do the heavy lifting, literally
  • Leave an honest review, good or bad, about your mover

Well? What are you waiting for? Make the smart move and book with motogo today.