Movifesto: We do what we say. Always. | motogo

Mar 06, 2021
Movifesto: We do what we say. Always. | motogo

Movifesto: We do what we say. Always.

No matter how many times you’ve moved in your life, moving day is still a huge deal.

While hiring professional movers is the best way to reduce your stress, you can’t always be 100% certain of their reliability.

That’s why motogo keeps movers accountable. We compile and make each crew’s ratings, reviews, on-time scores, etc. public— and it’s at your fingertips.

Movers who stick to their word will stick around. It’s all based on your feedback.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the case with every moving company out there. But it is when you hire movers from motogo! In fact, it’s right in one of our Movifestos, which is a promise to our customers. This movifesto is, “We do what we say. Always.” Find out exactly what we mean by that below!


A successful move day depends on everything coming together just right. To achieve this, everyone’s cooperation is critical—their word and actions should be as good as gold!

So, when movers tell you they’ll show up at 8 AM, you deserve to be able to schedule your whole day without a problem.

We all know just how frustrating it is when you’re disappointed and left hanging by so-called ‘professionals’.

That’s why we vow to stand by our clients if they’re unsatisfied. At motogo, you have your pick of crews who work quickly, carefully, and respectfully in your most sacred space: home. If a mover ever leaves clients hanging, they won’t last long here at all!


No one is perfect— nope, not even us! It’s not a habit, but there are times when we don’t get it exactly right. However, we operate on accountability at motogo, no matter what.

If we make a promise to you as we coordinate your moving day, we’ll honor it.

So if we told you a truck size or time over the phone, that’s exactly what you’ll get on moving day.

If the mover doesn’t show up prepared or backs out, a replacement will be on its way with as little inconvenience as possible and at ZERO cost to you!

The bottom line is that even if we ever get it wrong, we’ll make it right!


At motogo, we professionally train and run criminal background checks on all listed movers. 

Find a licensed moving crew now.