Movifesto: We Go Beyond | Motogo

Mar 06, 2021
Movifesto: We Go Beyond | Motogo

Movifesto: We Go Beyond

Everyone has heard the moving horror stories.

Mom’s urn of ashes was shattered. The dog escaped from a backyard gate left open too long. Items left in the truck outside were stolen. Sleeping children were disturbed by loud noises.

When you hire movers, you’re allowing them into your most sacred space… Not to mention you’re putting your hard-earned, often prized possessions in someone else’s hands. Literally.

Regardless of whether or not accidents happen, you deserve some peace of mind upfront.

When you book with motogo, we exceed your expectations to prepare for even the worst.

This is what our Movifesto, We go beyond actually looks like in practice.


It’s always nice to know that motogo has got your back when things go wrong.

With 24/7 customer support, we’re always on call—no matter what happens or what questions you have.

Our tenet to always go beyond extends to every interaction between us and the crew before your move!

From your first call with motogo, we conduct an in-depth process of discovering your needs.

Have a special request that will make your move easier? Let us know. We’re here to help you master your move, and we’re willing to think outside the (moving) box to do it!

If it so happens that your chosen moving crew can’t do something, we’ll negotiate an alternative or find one who will.

Not convinced? Give us a try!

Contact motogo today with any questions about your next move.