Movifesto: Surprises Are for Birthdays–Not Move Days | motogo

Mar 06, 2021
Movifesto: Surprises Are for Birthdays–Not Move Days | motogo

Movifesto: Surprises Are for Birthdays–Not Move Days

SURPRISE! No, it’s not your birthday. 

It’s your moving day… Too bad you hired the movers with the cheapest rate. Now your crew is late and your move is going to start two hours later than you planned. 

Oh yeah, and there’s a fee: an extra $200

Here at motogo, movers aren’t keen on surprises either. Surprises are only for the good stuff (like birthdays).

We train movers and nail down all the details to make sure everyone is tuned in long before your move day arrives. 

How does motogo ensure you won’t face unpleasant surprises come move day? 

Read on to discover our process.


The best way to avoid unfortunate surprises on moving day is for you (the client) to tell us exactly what you want out of your moving day. We’ll then cover your options and review your expectations on the day you move. 

Undesirable surprises happen when there is poor communication. Meaning, customers think one thing is going to happen but it ends up being something else entirely. 

That’s why we cover as much detail as you want on the first call.  You’ll know exactly what time your chosen crew will show up, the size of their moving truck, and your expected bill!

This way your movers won’t arrive an hour late and with a bill for hundreds of dollars more than you expect.


We’re in the business of making moving better. That’s why we help both movers and clients prepare for the big day well before it arrives. 

From the booking to move day, we build a strong communication channel so movers and customers know exactly what to expect on move day.

Forget confusing hourly rates, a need for more supplies, and being unsure of the start time… Who needs that headache when you’re on a tight schedule?  


Naturally, plans can change on a dime. Your schedule could easily change, budgets sometimes have to be adjusted, and moving needs might be altered from uncontrollable circumstances. 

With motogo, you have 24/7 customer support. Need to make last-minute changes or ask questions? You can call us anytime you need help!