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Life and Culture in Fort Lauderdale

Back in 1838, a series of forts were named after Major William Lauderdale and Lieutenant Colonel James Lauderdale. After the Second Seminole war, these forts were abandoned, and Fort Lauderdale was virtually abandoned until the late 1890s. Today, this city is flourishing with thousands of residents and millions of tourists visiting every year.

Tourism is a massive industry in Fort Lauderdale, accounting for over 100,000 jobs. The weather is excellent all year round, apart from hurricane season, making it an ideal destination no matter the month. It’s rarely too hot, never too cold but always humid and always breezy. Many visitors elect to spend their time in the outdoors by walking down streets to window shop and laying on the beach. With all the attractions that Fort Lauderdale has to offer, it is no surprise that their economy is thriving. Boating, tourism, and health care all provide many job opportunities for residents in the area.

Like most touristy cities, the nightlife in Fort Lauderdale is wonderfully active. Many residents here are young singles living in a fun city, working on their professional career, and looking to have fun in their spare time. The transit system in Fort Lauderdale is a convenient amenity to have when you live in the city. Broward County Transit (BCT) is the second-largest public transportation system; it extensively covers the city, allowing residents to use it to get to work, school, and home. The city has big plans to improve its system and has invested in The Wave, a streetcar line that will be ready for riders in 2021.

Families do choose to move to Fort Lauderdale for the many activities they can do together. However, the crime rate and housing prices are elevated when compared to the national average. The cost of living here is much more affordable when compared to Miami and West Palm Beach. There are a few quality public schools that you can live near to ensure your child’s success. If your goal is to find a great place to start a family and raise your kids, you can still keep Fort Lauderdale on your list. Although there are better spots and suburbs for doing so.

As a seaside city in Florida, Fort Lauderdale’s beaches are arguably the most prominent attraction that it has to offer. There are 23 miles of coastline to enjoy along with eight distinctive beaches to visit in the greater Fort Lauderdale area. Beachgoers take part in a variety of activities such as jet skiing, surfing, and snorkeling. Snorkeling and scuba diving are incredibly fun at these beaches since the coast is lined with coral reefs and shipwrecks to explore. The water in Fort Lauderdale tends to have high visibility and comfortable temperatures, making it a popular dive spot in Florida.

Fort Lauderdale is a unique city to move to in Florida. While the cost of living is still over the national average, it is still a more affordable option when compared to other popular coastline cities. There are many activities to take part in and fun to be had outdoors at the beach. Consider choosing Fort Lauderdale as your next spot to move to.

Name: Fort Lauderdale
Type: City
Established: 1838

Population: 165,521
Median Age: 42.2
High School Degree or higher: 86.8%

Total Housing Units: 95,843
Median Household Income: 52,315

Foreign Population: 42,147
Individuals Below Poverty: 19.3%

Veterans: 9,335

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