5 Red Flags That a Moving Company Will Rip You Off

Mar 06, 2021
5 Red Flags That a Moving Company Will Rip You Off

5 Red flags to Check Before Hiring Movers

We’ve heard lots of horror stories about moving companies that run scams, have major red flags, and rip off customers.

Quite a few customers realize only too late that a moving company lied to them, overcharged them or simply didn’t honor their contract terms.

That’s why we’ve created a list of signs to watch out for if you want to avoid moving scams.


So you search for local movers and see an ad offering cheap prices.

The cheapest prices ever. We’re talking 30—40% less than the rest.

Of course, most people would do a double-take and consider calling them.

Everyone wants to save money. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what some dishonest moving companies bank on.

After reeling you in with their low prices, they’ll nickel-and-dime you until you’re way over budget.

Even if they don’t slowly hike the prices, they’ll offer subpar services, which is all they can afford to give since they don’t pay for insurance, aren’t licensed with the DMV, and use cheap, low-quality labor.

Remember: if it sounds too good to be true, it is!


A good moving company is proud to tell you the business’s name because the movers have spent years building their reputations.

A company with lots of complaints, however, is going to be wary of giving you their name…

That’s why one of the biggest red flags is when you call the company and they don’t announce their name.

Similarly, if you hire a moving company and the truck doesn’t have a logo or DMV number on it, that’s a bad sign because movers are required to have both.


A company’s web presence tells all. In this digital age, business info should be honest and easy to find. Here’s how to check on a moving company using just the internet before you hire them:

  1. First, check the website and look for their street address.
  2. If there’s only a P.O. box or no address at all— RUN!
  3. You should be able Google the address see a building on Google Maps so you know it’s a genuine company.
  4. There should be real photos of the moving crew and their equipment so you know who will show up on your moving day.
  5. If the website has stock photos or pictures of paid actors instead of their real crew members, these are huge red flags.


On any moving website, you should always see the company’s DMV number.

If it’s not there, don’t hire those movers. PERIOD.

If you do see a DMV number, plug it in at the Texas DMV Truck Stop site. This way you can ensure the company is actively operating with approval.

If the DMV website says the company is no longer active, don’t hire those movers even if they offer to book you!


Any legitimate moving company should present you with a contract to sign before the job.

This way, you can formally (and legally) agree on the price, schedule, and review your options if movers damage or lose your belongings.

If they don’t offer a contract, you’re not as protected in case the worst happens.


Yes, you should do your research well before moving day, but don’t be afraid to cancel at the last minute if you’re feeling wary.

Moving day is hard enough without feeling pressured into keeping untrustworthy movers around.

Not sure if a moving company is playing fair? You can always contact your local DMV.

Want to feel safe and happy with your move? Contact us at any time!