5 Red Flags That a Moving Company Will Rip You Off


 5 Red flags to Check Before Hiring Movers

We’ve heard lots of horror stories about moving companies that run scams, have major red flags, and rip off customers.

Quite a few customers realize only too late that a moving company lied to them, overcharged them or simply didn’t honor their contract terms.

That’s why we’ve created a list of signs to watch out for if you want to avoid moving scams.

Red Flag #1:Super Low Cost

So you search for local movers and see an ad offering cheap prices.

The cheapest prices ever. We’re talking 30—40% less than the rest.

Of course, most people would do a double-take and consider calling them.

Everyone wants to save money. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what some dishonest moving companies bank on.

After reeling you in with their low prices, they’ll nickel-and-dime you until you’re way over budget.

Even if they don’t slowly hike the prices, they’ll offer subpar services, which is all they can afford to give since they don’t pay for insurance, aren’t licensed with the DMV, and use cheap, low-quality labor.

Remember: if it sounds too good to be true, it is!

Red Flag #2: Lack of Information

A good moving company is proud to tell you the business’s name because the movers have spent years building their reputations.

A company with lots of complaints, however, is going to be wary of giving you their name…

That’s why one of the biggest red flags is when you call the company and they don’t announce their name.

Similarly, if you hire a moving company and the truck doesn’t have a logo or DMV number on it, that’s a bad sign because movers are required to have both.

Red Flag #3: A Bare-Bones Website

A company’s web presence tells all. In this digital age, business info should be honest and easy to find. Here’s how to check on a moving company using just the internet before you hire them:

  1. First, check the website and look for their street address.
  2. If there’s only a P.O. box or no address at all— RUN!
  3. You should be able Google the address see a building on Google Maps so you know it’s a genuine company.
  4. There should be real photos of the moving crew and their equipment so you know who will show up on your moving day.
  5. If the website has stock photos or pictures of paid actors instead of their real crew members, these are huge red flags.

Red Flag #4: Inactive with Your Local DMV

On any moving website, you should always see the company’s DMV number.

If it’s not there, don’t hire those movers. PERIOD.

If you do see a DMV number, plug it in at the Texas DMV Truck Stop site. This way you can ensure the company is actively operating with approval.

If the DMV website says the company is no longer active, don’t hire those movers even if they offer to book you!

Red Flag #5: There’s No Contract

Any legitimate moving company should present you with a contract to sign before the job.

This way, you can formally (and legally) agree on the price, schedule, and review your options if movers damage or lose your belongings.

If they don’t offer a contract, you’re not as protected in case the worst happens.

Will That Moving Company Rip You Off?

Yes, you should do your research well before moving day, but don’t be afraid to cancel at the last minute if you’re feeling wary.

Moving day is hard enough without feeling pressured into keeping untrustworthy movers around.

Not sure if a moving company is playing fair? You can always contact your local DMV.

Want to feel safe and happy with your move? Contact us at any time!

What to Do With Boxes After a Move

If you have curbside recycling, disposing of cardboard boxes after your big move is easy. For the rest of us, it can be a bit more work.

To make the process as pain-free and environmentally friendly as possible we’re giving you three easy alternatives to get rid of your moving boxes.

Recycle moving boxes at your local facility

Did you know that recycling one ton of cardboard can save up to 1,944 square feet of space in a landfill? That’s an entire house!

The easiest way to recycle if you don’t have a pick-up service?  Drop off your boxes at a local recycling facility when you’re done with them.

Find a recycling center near you using one of the links below:

  1. BeRecycled.org
  2. RecyclrFinder
  3. Earth911.com

Before you go, break down your boxes with a knife, scissors, or boxcutter. This way, you’ll be able to transport as many boxes as possible in your vehicle. Plus, your new space gets cleaner, faster.

Another option is to ask your movers!

At motogo, some movers offer to take your boxes after unpacking. The crew will tote them to a local recycler or use them again! Make sure to ask about this process before your move day, as some movers charge an extra fee for the additional stop.

Regardless of who does it, recycling your used moving boxes yourself or giving them to the movers is a fantastic idea!

Fewer boxes piling up after your move equals less headache for you.

Donate old moving boxes to a local charity

Many nonprofit organizations love having extra boxes!

Certain charities often make deliveries of supplies (think: Meals on Wheels). Since they usually rely exclusively on donations, giving your boxes a second, more charitable life is a generous way to get rid of what you no longer need.  Just be sure that the boxes you drop off are in good condition and clean!

Give them to a friend or neighbor

Another perfect way to dispose of your moving boxes is to give them to a friend, neighbor, or coworker who has an upcoming move. If none of contacts are staying put for now, try listing your boxes on neighborhood site NextDoor, which connects you to residents of your community.

In conclusion

Not only is recycling your boxes better for the environment, you’ll also have even more space in your home!

How (and How Much) to Tip Your Movers

how much am I supposed to tip movers

Tipping (no matter the service) can be an awkward experience, but it doesn’t have to be. Most people don’t move enough to remember best practices to tip movers. Luckily for you, we’re moving industry pros with the real deal on tipping movers.

Am I required to tip movers?

Although it’s definitely good etiquette (and forever appreciated), you’re never required to leave a tip.

If you believe the crew was attentive, careful, and responsible, a tip is a nice way to say ‘thank you’ for well done. By hiring professional movers, their moving experience and ability to navigate any sudden issues is built into the price.

Giving anything extra to show gratitude?

That’s totally up to you!

How much should I tip movers?

The amount that you tip movers is completely up to you. But, since you’re probably looking for a more specific answer, we all want some kind of benchmark.On average, tips for movers that are around 10%-15% of the final bill, (or, $20-$30 per mover) depending on the size of the move.

Should I leave a cash tip for movers?

Any tip is appreciated. Feel free to choose the most convenient method for your lifestyle and comfort level. As far as what’s preferred:  cash tips are always better and typically easier for movers to split!

Who do I give the tip to?

There are plenty of movers have crews of at least two people. At motogo, the standard moving crew will usually include at least three men.

This can leave you scratching your head, wondering who to hand over your tip to. Simply give it to the crew leader for the entire crew, or you can give individually tip each mover.

What happens if I can’t tip?

Hopefully you’re happy with your moving service but simply didn’t get a chance to stop by the ATM or had a last-minute emergency to handle. Whatever the reason for not being able to tip, you can always sing your movers’ praises in an online review.

Referrals work great, too! (After all, who’s going to argue with getting more business?)  If you fall short on the tip, you can always let your movers know that you were so impressed, you’ll refer them to your friends and family.

Showing your movers love through a little free marketing is always appreciated… Even better if you post on a review platform like their Google Business page, Yelp, or Facebook can be just as valuable as a cash tip!

So what’s the final word on tipping movers?

Remember, when it comes to tipping movers, trust your own instincts. If the movers did a good job and worked efficiently while being professionals, go for it!

But, if you can’t (or don’t want to) leave a tip, know that the decision is completely up to you and leaving a review is an excellent alternative, too.