Moving Tips


motogo launches in Florida

  • Published : 02-27-2020

Hey there Florida – motogo is here! Who is motogo? We’re here to revolutionize the art of moving and bring this very analog process into the digital space. Through innovative…

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motogo is here!

  • Published : 02-19-2020

Hey there! We’re motogo. Now you might be wondering “who is motogo?” and “what is motogo all about?” Well I’m glad you asked. Motogo is like nothing you’ve seen before….

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Movifesto: We Don’t Keep Movers That You Don’t Like | motogo

  • Published : 02-18-2020

Movifesto: We don’t keep movers that you don’t like.  Moving is an intimate experience. After all, 3-4 three strangers are in your home touching all of your personal things and hauling…

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The Purge: How to Declutter Your Home Before Moving

  • Published : 04-08-2019

Do you have way too much stuff? Now is the perfect time to declutter your life. Especially if you’re prepping for a big move. Some days you look around and realize…

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5 Red Flags That a Moving Company Will Rip You Off

  • Published : 04-30-2018

   5 Red flags to Check Before Hiring Movers We’ve heard lots of horror stories about moving companies that run scams, have major red flags, and rip off customers. Quite a few…

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Movifesto: Your Home Is Sacred | motogo

  • Published : 03-15-2018

  Movifesto: Your Home Is Sacred Shady strangers in your house? That’s a hard pass. Especially on a day as stressful as your big move.  Your home is sacred, so movers…

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Movifesto: Surprises Are for Birthdays–Not Move Days | motogo

  • Published : 03-14-2018

Movifesto: Surprises Are for Birthdays–Not Move Days SURPRISE! No, it’s not your birthday.  It’s your moving day… Too bad you hired the movers with the cheapest rate. Now your crew is…

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Movifesto: We Go Beyond | motogo

  • Published : 03-07-2018

Movifesto: We Go Beyond Everyone has heard the moving horror stories. Mom’s urn of ashes was shattered. The dog escaped from a backyard gate left open too long. Items left in…

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Movifesto: We do what we say. Always. | motogo

  • Published : 03-02-2018

Movifesto: We do what we say. Always. No matter how many times you’ve moved in your life, moving day is still a huge deal. While hiring professional movers is the best way…

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What to Do With Boxes After a Move

  • Published : 10-12-2017

If you have curbside recycling, disposing of cardboard boxes after your big move is easy. For the rest of us, it can be a bit more work. To make the process…

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How To Pack An Apartment In One Day

  • Published : 10-03-2017

If you’re looking at your schedule and panicking because you only have one day free to pack before your movers arrive we’re here to help by providing you with 6 easy…

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How (and How Much) to Tip Your Movers

  • Published : 10-07-2016

Tipping (no matter the service) can be an awkward experience, but it doesn’t have to be. Most people don’t move enough to remember best practices to tip movers. Luckily for you, we’re moving…

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